27 Jan 2015

6 Reasons For a Destination Wedding

“I do.” Those two little words change everything. You already know whom you’ll say them to. You’ve probably dreamed of how you’ll say them. Now all you have to do is decide where you will say them. Destination weddings are becoming the go-to way to say, “I do.” More and more couples are deciding to forgo the traditional wedding at their family home or church...

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12 Nov 2014

Maui Wedding Photographers – Capturing Lasting Memories

What is one of the most important things for a couple to consider for their wedding? Professional photography! The memories you carry away from your Maui wedding will be better remembered with amazing photography. I frequently see couples ask family & friends with poor cameras or skills to take photos of their wedding. If you are coming to Maui for your destination wedding, hire a...

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22 Oct 2014

Maui Luau’s – The Perfect Maui Wedding Activity

So you planned your dream beach wedding in Maui, one of the most beautiful places on earth. The date is finalized. The flowers, music and catering are confirmed. Your family and friends are starting to book their flights and accommodations. Your Hawaiian wedding day is all set! But this trip is more than one day, right? To really give your loved ones a trip they’ll...

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06 Jun 2014

Maui vow renewal ceremonies

          So many couples have been married for years and then one day decide.   Lets do it again, let’s renew our wedding vows.   And let’s go somewhere really beautiful and romantic to do it.  How awesome to know the time spent with one another really meant something, and still does.   And in a glorious way.  It seems to spark a new interest, new...

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06 May 2014

Maui same sex ceremonies

Magical Wedding Dreams Come True on Maui for Gay Couples Maui’s warm weather, starry nights, gentle trade winds, turquoise blue sea and  colorful sunsets — Maui is paradise for lovers. That’s why thousands of people come to Maui each year to make their wedding dreams come true and stay for an exquisite Maui honeymoon. Your family and friends will be delighted to share your Maui...

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15 Mar 2014

Who Do You Love? The Choice is Yours!

Can you ever imagine what it would be like for it to be illegal to marry the person of your dreams?  For millions of Americans it is.  It seems an injustice to tell anyone whom they are allowed to love.  Although there have been strides and setbacks the fight continues, everyday! At Maltese Dreams we are more than thrilled that Hawaii has decided to let...

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maui weddings
07 Feb 2014

A Valentine to Remember

  Love is in the air!  The anticipation of Valentine’s Day can bring out the romantic in almost anyone.  Valentine’s Day may be a commercial holiday, but many couples agree that it’s nice to take one day out of each year to celebrate your love.  Case in point:  It’s an extremely popular day for proposals.  A popular consumer report surveyed Americans’ Valentine’s Day plans and...

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Let’s Go Somewhere and Get Married!
05 Dec 2013

Let’s Go Somewhere and Get Married!

I do.  Those two little words change everything.  You already know whom you’ll say them to.  You’ve probably dreamed of how you’ll say them.  Now all you have to do is decide where you will say them.  Let’s go somewhere and get married. Destination weddings are becoming the go to way to say, “I do.”  More and more couples are deciding to forgo the traditional...

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19 Nov 2013

Getting Maui’ed! Check!

You’re getting married! You’ve chosen the most beautiful and romantic destination for your big day! Maui! The tickets are booked! The front desk clerk is awaiting your arrival. And the beach? Well it’s calling your name!  It all sounds so romantic…. Now to make the list….WAIT!… the list? Of course! The list of everything you’ll need to plan your destination wedding! You’ll need to schedule...

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13 Sep 2013

Maui Weddings Adventures

How about those Maui Weddings Adventures!  Can you imagine getting strapped up and flying through the air in your wedding clothes while you are surprising your family and friends with a fun experience for yourselves to remember forever.  This couple was so happy they kept a good secret until everyone saw them across the field flying through the air with wedding dress and veil blowing...

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