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07 Feb 2014

A Valentine to Remember

  Love is in the air!  The anticipation of Valentine’s Day can bring out the romantic in almost anyone.  Valentine’s Day may be a commercial holiday, but many couples agree that it’s nice to take one day out of each year to celebrate your love.  Case in point:  It’s an extremely popular day for proposals.  A popular consumer report surveyed Americans’ Valentine’s Day plans and...

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Let’s Go Somewhere and Get Married!
05 Dec 2013

Let’s Go Somewhere and Get Married!

I do.  Those two little words change everything.  You already know whom you’ll say them to.  You’ve probably dreamed of how you’ll say them.  Now all you have to do is decide where you will say them.  Let’s go somewhere and get married. Destination weddings are becoming the go to way to say, “I do.”  More and more couples are deciding to forgo the traditional...

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19 Nov 2013

Getting Maui’ed! Check!

You’re getting married! You’ve chosen the most beautiful and romantic destination for your big day! Maui! The tickets are booked! The front desk clerk is awaiting your arrival. And the beach? Well it’s calling your name!  It all sounds so romantic…. Now to make the list….WAIT!… the list? Of course! The list of everything you’ll need to plan your destination wedding! You’ll need to schedule...

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13 Sep 2013

Maui Weddings Adventures

How about those Maui Weddings Adventures!  Can you imagine getting strapped up and flying through the air in your wedding clothes while you are surprising your family and friends with a fun experience for yourselves to remember forever.  This couple was so happy they kept a good secret until everyone saw them across the field flying through the air with wedding dress and veil blowing...

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04 Sep 2013

Love those sunset weddings

Oh My Goodness!  This could be your Maui Sunset Wedding Ceremony.   How awesome the Maui sunsets are but imagine you in the foreground with your Sweetheart and Family getting these unforgettable Maui Wedding Photos that you will have to cherish and relive every time you look them.   It is one of  the most desirable wedding experiences of a life time.   Coming to Maui for your wedding experience...

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28 Aug 2013

Why Marry on Maui?

Welcome to Maui where you are about to be married on a beautiful sandy beach close to the edge of a warm and inviting ocean with your bare feet getting tickled by the water.   Why marry on Maui?   Standing in the warm breeze brings a feeling of newness as you take your marriage vows.   The sound of the conch shell as it calls to memory of...

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09 Jul 2013

Kapalua Bay is the best locations on the west side of Maui to have your Maui Beach Wedding

Maui, the number one wedding destination location on the planet, has the best beaches for Maui sunset  weddings.  One of those beaches is  Kapalua Bay on the west side of the island.  It  offers a wonderful variety of photography options, more perhaps than any of the other  beach wedding location on the island.   It is a small bay with dramatic lava out-croppings and rich blue seas.  Kapalua actually means arms embracing the sea and...

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27 Jun 2013

Aloha and Welcome to Maltese Dreams Maui Weddings and Photography

I am JoJo Maltese,  your Maui Wedding Planner and Maui Wedding Photographer. I have been in Hawaii since 1986 working in the Wedding Industry as a wedding consultant, photographer and  also a wedding videographer, which adds to my good choice of lighting, composition & direction. I also specializes in Romantic, Playful and Creative Maui Wedding  Photography and Sunset Images. I will work with couples to create their Romantic Hawaiian Style...

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