Vow Renewal Outfit Ideas When Tying the Knot in Maui
14 Mar 2019

Vow Renewal Outfit Ideas When Tying the Knot in Maui

Vow renewals are very popular these days. They’re the perfect way to celebrate your union with your partner. After all, the fact that you’ve grown in love and lasted all these years should be celebrated. It’s a milestone that you’ll look back at fondly for years to come!

There are no rules when it comes to vow renewals. Some couples do it a few years after their wedding, while others wait till their kids are grown up. Until recently, it was popular to have a vow renewal at your 25th wedding anniversary. But these days, most couples are open to having vow renewals every few years as a way to strengthen their bond.

As for the destination, more and more couples are flying down to Maui to have their vow renewal ceremony. The pristine beaches and the beautiful island aesthetic make a perfect backdrop to celebrate your love.

Since vow renewal ceremonies give you unlimited freedom to plan every aspect, clients are often unsure about what they should wear to their own ceremony.

To rectify this problem and give you some inspo, here are some outfit ideas for him and her when it comes to vow renewal attire:

For her

Women always have a wide choice when it comes to clothing. Whether you want to stick to your style or live out a life-long fantasy with your vow renewal, here are some options that fit every woman’s requirements:

Prom nightWedding dress replica

You’re free to be as lavish or laid back on your destination vow renewal. Since the ceremony will be intimate, you’re free to choose whatever you wish to wear. Some ladies like reliving their high school prom day with an extravagant gown for the ceremony.

Choose a gown that’s comfortable for you, something that’s easy to walk around in since your ceremony will be on the beach or at the Makena Cove.

Gowns will look stunning in the pictures! Opt for a color that flatters your skin tone.

Wedding dress replica

Whether you got married many years ago or quite recently, you can always wear a dress that’s similar to your wedding dress. It’s a great way to relive your wedding day!

Instead of wearing a wedding dress from a bridal store, look for a dress with a similar silhouette and cut to your wedding dress, but one that’s more wearable.

Let’s say your wedding dress was a long-sleeve off shoulder gown, you could get a dress that has a similar cut, or if you wore a white lace dress, you could opt for a knee-length lace cocktail dress. This gives you the chance to add some color to your dress as well.

The best part? You know the dress will look stunning on you since you’ve already worn something similar.

Day dresses

Since most vow renewal ceremonies are held in the morning on the beach in Maui, a light and flowy day dress will look stunning. Pastel colors and light fabrics are perfect for Maui weather. Your pictures will look stunning too; like you’re on the best holiday ever.

Day dresses are easy to throw on, meaning you can easily slip into the dress and won’t need to worry about it coming loose. Opt for light blue, coral, pinks, lavender etc., such colors look great with a tan, which you are bound to get in Maui.

Midi wedding dress

Some ladies opt for wedding dresses for their vow renewal. We always encourage our clients to wear something comfortable, though, since the ceremony is at the beach. Instead of a bridal gown, opt for a midi bridal dress.

You’ll look stunning, while being able to move freely. You could also re-work the dress to wear on other occasions. You won’t need a veil, gloves, and a bouquet either. Just find yourself a dress and some jewelry you love.

Don’t bother with shoes; you won’t be needing them on the beach!

For him

Men generally struggle with which way they should go when it comes to dressing up for their vow renewal, casual or formal. Here are some options to go for:

Hawaiian attire

Nothing screams a destination vow renewal like a Hawaiian shirt and some shorts. Make sure you compliment your lady’s attire though. If she’s going all out with a fancy dress, you need to put in more effort too.

Classic suit

Classic suit

No man can go wrong with a well-fitted suit. You could wear a suit in homage to your big day all those years ago. Opt for a lighter color suit. Black suits can come off as too stark at vow renewals held in the day. Opt for a gray or navy suit. You could match your tie with your wife’s dress. It’ll look stunning in pictures!

Button-down shirt and formal pants

A crisp shirt and a pair of tailored pants will never go amiss. Sticking with the Hawaiian theme, you could wear a light pink, light blue, or even white shirt paired with a pair of light gray trousers. You could finish the look off with a waistcoat if that’s your aesthetic.

Now that you’ve got the outfits sorted out, it’s time to do some preparations! Sign up for a vow renewal package with our Maui wedding planners. We offer affordable prices, stunning, locations, wedding photography, and other wedding planning services. Our wedding planners deliver quality. We help couples find a minister for their ceremony and provide engraved glasses to mark their big day.

We also help organize and book a dinner for the couple at the finest restaurants in Maui. Enjoy the stunning sunsets of Maui and leave everything to them and watch your special day unfold.

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