Vow Renewal Gift Ideas For Your Spouse
07 Mar 2019

Vow Renewal Gift Ideas For Your Spouse

Many couples who want to celebrate their anniversary in a special and intimate way plan a vow renewal. It’s the perfect way to relive your big day and reaffirm your vows to each other.

Celebrating many years of togetherness with an intimate destination celebration also gives you and your partner the time to recount all your wonderful memories, whether it was the birth of your children or their weddings.

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An even more daunting decision is choosing a gift for such a milestone in your life. You want this to be the most meaningful gift you’ve ever given to your partner. Something that symbolizes the time you’ve spent together, and how much stronger you two are as a couple today. Here are some romantic gifts to give your spouse for your vow renewal:

For the couple

When it comes to vow renewals, the gift you buy for the occasion can be for both of you to enjoy. Here are some gift ideas that both partners will reap the benefits of:

Wine from the year you got married

We all know that the older the wine, the finer it is. On the momentous occasion of your vow renewal, why not present your partner with an aged bottle of wine from the year you got married. This wine will not only be one of the most delicious, expensive wines you’ve ever had, but will also be sentimental for both of you.

Sit back and enjoy this aged bottle of wine with your partner. Talk about your wedding day and all the things you’ve experienced together in all these years.

Surprise trip

If your partner loves traveling, they’ll absolutely love this gift. Surprise them with a romantic trip away to an exotic location. Choose a place the two of you haven’t been to before and explore it together; a place your partner has always talked about visiting but never had the opportunity to.

Make sure to bring back some souvenirs and cheesy pictures to keep the holiday alive in your memories. A surprise trip is a perfect gift for a spouse that never takes time off work! It’s okay to splurge on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

Fancy restaurant reservation

Fancy restaurants are generally booked in for weeks; getting a reservation is almost impossible; which is why most couples tend to have their date nights at bars and cafes. If there’s a fine dining restaurant in the area that serves your partner’s favorite cuisine, book a table for your vow renewal day.

Get the restaurant to make your night extra special with a beautifully decorated and candlelit table. This will be an expensive meal, but it’s a treat for the two of you, so sit back and enjoy. Your partner will feel immensely special!

Gifts for her

Your wife is the driving force of your family. She’s blessed you with beautiful children and supported you through thick and thin. She deserves the best on this big wedding anniversary. Instead of the regular flowers, here are some interesting and meaningful gifts to give your wife on your vow renewal:



Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Surprise your wife with some precious stone jewelry. If you can afford diamonds, get her an exquisite diamond piece like a ring, necklace, bracelet, or even earrings. Make sure you give her this gift before the ceremony so that she gets the chance to wear the sparkling pieces for the ceremony.

If diamonds are way out of your budget, you could opt for other fine jewelry pieces. Get her a pendant in her favorite precious stone or even her birthstone. Have the jewelry piece engraved with a little note to your wife to remind her of how much you love and cherish her.

Designer piece

Most women spend their whole lives drooling over designer shoes and bags. However, they feel like they can’t justify the expenditure and, therefore, wait years and years for the perfect chance. If your wife loves the look of a particular designer’s pieces, get her something from there.

Make sure the piece you get her is timeless. Most designers have a specific style which they’re known for, invest in such a piece, e.g., the Chanel Caviar bag, or a Gucci Marmont Matelasse bag.

Gifts for him

Generally, buying gifts for men can be tricky. After being with him for so many years, you probably feel like you’ve given him every gift possible. Here are some vow renewal presents for your husband:

Liquor subscription

Subscription boxes have become really common these days; they offer something for everyone! Liquor subscriptions make it easier for those who love trying new alcohol. If your partner is a fan of some whiskey, vodka, or gin, sign him up for a subscription. He will be sent some new liquor to try every month of the year.

A Luxury watch

A Luxury watch

If your man is a stickler for classy style, he’ll love a luxury watch. For a special anniversary and vow renewal, you need to get him something he’s looked forward to his whole life. Brands like Chopard, Rolex, Tag Heuer, and Tissot are perfect. There are many luxury watch brands that are more affordable too if you’re on a budget. Have it engraved with a special message for him.

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