Reasons To Choose A Hawaiian Destination Wedding: Why You Should Get Maui’d!
28 Nov 2018

Reasons To Choose A Hawaiian Destination Wedding: Why You Should Get Maui’d!

On your wedding day you want all the attention to be focused on you. After all, it’s your day and your time to shine. The memories you make last a lifetime, both in print and in your mind. It makes sense then to host a unique, aesthetically pleasing wedding.

There’s only one place that truly fits the criteria—Maui!

We could list more than a hundred reasons to pick this Heaven-on-Earth Island as your wedding destination. Here we’ve narrowed it down to 3 reasons to get Maui’d!

No Need To Travel For The Honeymoon

This may be one of the biggest perks of tying the knot in Hawaii. You don’t need to fly to far-flung places of the world to add that exciting, exotic feel to your honeymoon. Your wedding destination will serve as your honeymoon location. It doesn’t get better than this!


Imagine taking a stroll down the gorgeous beaches, fine dining, peels of joyous laughter, and lush greenery. All this turns in to reality when you pick Maui as your wedding venue.

Blue Skies and Breezy Weather

Pulling off your own wedding can make the most confident person nervous. Don’t add a hot, humid environment to the picture. Hawaii is home to incredible, steady sunshine and clear blue skies.

Couples love the location because it gives them a chance to enjoy the serenity of pledging their lives to each other for eternity. The island is divided in to cooler and drier regions.

Although there could be a chance of a little shower if you get married on the cooler side, they say a little rain is wedding-day blessing. The dry region enjoys bright rainbows and sunny days. No matter what time of the year you plan to hold your wedding, the experience is going to be magical.

Planning A Wedding Is Easier

Here’s another undeniable reason to say ‘I Do’ at Hawaii. It’s not only less nerve-wracking but also so much more exciting to plan the details of your ideal destination wedding.

You aren’t tying the knot at a wedding hall in your old town. You’re getting married at the location that speaks to your soul. All you have to worry about is which poses to strike for the photographer and which nail color to rock.

A professional wedding planner in Maui like Maltese Dreams minimizes the labor on your part by offering their expertise for the event.

The event professionals put together your special day in such a way that highlight of the day is your entire wedding.

You’ve Found Your Soul Mate, Now Find The Right Wedding Planner!

Maltese Dreams is an expert wedding planner with years of experience in making your Maui wedding the best event of your life.

Call us at 808-264-3151 today to check out our maui destination wedding packages!

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