Beach Wedding Essentials: What You Need To Know
22 Nov 2018

Beach Wedding Essentials: What You Need To Know

What could be more romantic than spending your wedding day singing and dancing with your significant other and family? Beach weddings on Maui are our favorite because they provide the perfect ambiance to an already special day.

As you look in to your lover’s eyes, on the verge of saying ‘I Do’, the sunset-embellished ocean and the sky full of stars make great wedding guests.

This doesn’t mean that pulling off a beach wedding is easiest thing in the world. There’s a considerable amount of planning that goes in the mix to present the ultimate wedding adventure in maui.

For starters, there are a few additional things to consider than a traditional wedding. Here are the top essentials to enjoy a seaside wedding with zero hitches.

#1—Sturdy Decorations

Decorations add life to a wedding and you want nothing but the best. That’s understandable buy ensure that you hire professional wedding planners who have experience decorating a beach wedding venue.

From the chairs to the floral installations to the gift table, everything needs to withstand the gusts of wind that will inevitably crash your wedding. You don’t want anything to collapse before its due time, do you? We think not.

#2—Beach Toys For The Little Ones

It’s probable that your wedding party will include little munchkins running around, possibly wreaking havoc. If you don’t want a kid running under your wedding dress, distracting everyone from your gorgeous beat, keep them busy with toys.

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Set a small kids’ area close to the ceremony with sand toys and super bouncy beach balls. They can build their sand castles and you can say your wedding vows in peace. It’s a win-win!

#3—Trainless Dress

The beach requires brides to trim away certain items from your wedding list. This includes the train of the wedding gown. Imagine wearing a heavy dress under the sweltering sun, sweating away when you should be looking like the cover of Elle magazine—no thanks!

The wrong dress will make you uncomfortable real fast. Not only will the makeup run; you’d have to lug the train, struggling against the wind, all the way to your awaiting husband-to-be. Remember you want to glide, to float to him. So keep the dress light.

These were our top beach wedding essentials. If you want to make absolutely sure you get everything just right, hire a professional wedding planner in Maui.

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