A Guide To Gorgeous Maui Destination Wedding Venues
17 Nov 2018

A Guide To Gorgeous Maui Destination Wedding Venues

Did you know that each year around 6,000 couples pick Maui as their wedding destination? To put things in perspective, that’s around 15 to 20 ‘I Do’s happening on the beautiful island. All those people can’t be wrong!

The great news is that there is a plethora of venues where you can host a spectacular wedding. Wait! Don’t jump up and down just yet. To put cherry on top, these locations are not only breathtakingly gorgeous, they’re super affordable too.

We’ve shortlisted the most popular places in Maui you can tie the knot at.

Secret Cove

Who doesn’t love a beach wedding? With waves crashing over the shore and a dazzling sunset peeking in from behind the clouds, beaches offer the perfect romantic background. As you and your bae say your vows your bridesmaids can swoon over you two and the scenery.

Beaches are also perfect for small, intimate weddings. If you aren’t looking for an elaborate affair, but still want to keep the vibes expansive consider Pa‘ako Cove in Mākena AKA Secret Cove.

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The place is teeming with excitement as it’s so small and sheltered—just right for an intimate wedding. Maluaka Beach is another hot choice as the wind is usually lighter and the angle of the sunset makes everything picturesque—the ultimate ingredients for a sunset wedding.

Olowalu Sugar Plantation

It’s true that beach weddings are quite popular wedding venues in Maui. However, if you’re a couple that wants their wedding to be a big ol’ party for your guests to enjoy, the beach might not be ideal. It’s a bit more difficult to place chairs and serve alcohol on Maui beaches.

If you plan on having a large group of people in attendance, Olowalu is a great spot. The historic plantation is one of the most breathtaking venues on Maui.

The oceanfront home was once a mill standing amidst a field of green sugar. Today it gives a terrific view of monkeypod trees and the incredible island of Lāna‘i.

 Keawala‘i Church

 If you want to go the traditional route, there’s nothing better than a scenic church to give that timeless feel to your wedding.

The Keawala‘i Church in Mākena is part of the rich Hawaiin history and one of the few churches on the island that still offer regular sermons.  In short, it’ll be a fairytale come true for you to exchange your vows there.

These were our top venue picks for the perfect Maui wedding. What would make it even dreamier, you ask? A professional photographer!

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