The Smooth Destination Wedding Checklist
19 Oct 2018

The Smooth Destination Wedding Checklist

If you’ve received invitations to 4 weddings, there’s a good chance that at least one of them is a destination wedding because statistics show that 1 in every 4 weddings is a destination wedding. And with 88% of the population tying the knot for love, it’s no surprise that couples dream of a wedding day that would be remembered by all for years to come.

The Reality Check

Now while taking the decision to get married when in love is at times, a spontaneous one, taken in momentary flights of fancy, it’s planning the wedding where your notebooks flash out. You might not need a big cheque book for the wedding, but you definitely need a big checklist!

The Final Destination

Weddings are always a big deal to prepare and plan, but with destination weddings you’re dealing with twice the responsibilities and burdens. For your affair to move effortlessly, we’ve planned your checklist for you!

Foster The People

Who are the lucky ones going to be that witness you taking your spouse on the big day? Family, friends, acquaintances, and relatives: work out everyone, make sure you haven’t missed any, and make this list your priority.

The Venue Of Wonders

heart shaped sunset

Since it is a destination wedding that you’re planning for, what’s the big venue? Beach weddings are ever-popular, and if you’re looking for a romantic and memorable taking of vows by the ocean, Maui in Hawaii will please you tenfold!

Don’t Budge From The Budget

A budget is one of the first things you should be thinking of and planning, all-things-inclusive. From the number of people to the rentals that you’d like, and from the menu to the giveaways that you’ll give, all should keep well within means.

If At First You Didn’t Hire A Planner, Do It Now

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Planning and arranging a wedding on the Valley Isle is not something you’d be adept at or qualified for. A wedding planner who’s been in business for years will smoothly take care of all there is: from the photography and videography to floral décor and even offering you affordable wedding packages. They know the job, they know the details, and once they get to know you, you’re good to go!

The Big Date

Chances are you’ve already had your big date with your significant other—which is why you’re getting hitched!—but this day needs to be even bigger. Bigger than the first date, bigger than the first declaration of love, and bigger than all the dates you might have had to decide in your life. Work out the date carefully: will your close friends and family be available around it, will everyone be able to travel, and will there be any obstructive or unfavorable weather conditions around then? Think a lot before you send out the cards.

The Honeymoon

Are you going to have both the wedding and your honeymoon at the same place? (It can be done!). If yes, then proper arrangements should be made.

The Maids And The Men

man holding flowers

If you forget that you have to decide your best man or your bridesmaids, your spurned friends are sure to remind you!

Plan The Giveaways

Make them fun, make them exciting. Make them something that will remind people of you every time that they’re used.

Get The Dresses Tailored

What’s a wedding without a glorious gown and a sultry suit? Dress to impress, but do take into account the venue and the time of the year.

Travel Diaries

Get your travel plan in order: buy the tickets ahead of time and make proper arrangements. Packing should never be hushed or you’re sure to forget something.

Plan The Menu

Food is the life of any party—even a wedding. So make sure to satisfy the cravings of your guests! Talk with your planner to best go about this.

Finally, Send Out The Invites

Once everything is planned to perfection, send out your invitations. Do it ahead of time so that people can plan in advance. Remember that it’s a destination wedding so people will have more things to plan for.


You’ve found a mate, you’ve got the checklist, and now all the remains is for you to wait and watch how everything checks out! Find an expert wedding planner in Maui today or give us a call at 808-264-3151.

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