Preserving Your Look: How To Take Care Of Your Gown After A Beach Wedding
15 Oct 2018

Preserving Your Look: How To Take Care Of Your Gown After A Beach Wedding

Perhaps the most anticipated dress of every woman’s life, the wedding gown is a precious token that must always be guarded. It’s a dress native to all cultures and regions, and is of most import to the bride herself. From deciding what it’s going to look like and planning the materials that go into it, having it tailored and then finally wearing it on the big day—gowns are what make a woman a bride!

The Worst That Could Happen To A Beach Wedding

The worst thing that could potentially happen to your dream beach wedding isn’t some freak monstrosity of the ocean—it’s you ruining your gown and spending the rest of the day sulking instead of enjoying. And many have been down that road.

It’s no wonder then that brides are always so concerned about their wedding gowns once the event is over. Not to be left forlorn and friendless, these delicate meshes of fabric, white and glorious in their prime, need to be protected. And we’ll tell you just how.

Guardians Of The Gowns, Unite!

One way to make sure your gown is never subject to foil is to place it in an air-tight folio box, shielded from light and humidity, stashed away somewhere in the archives of a museum. There are, of course, other more practical and feasible options, but here’s the catch: your gown does not have to be guarded only “after” the beach-y blast. The security detail begins as soon as you put it on, and lasts for as long as you wear it.

What To Be On Your Guard Against

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Constant vigilance is key and there is a long list of potential perpetrators of the ruination. Here’s all you need to be careful with:

Food: Nobody hates food, and nobody can resist the delight meals served at a wedding. Then there’s the candy bar and the cotton candy machine. So much to eat and so much to spill! Imagine your fabric, fragile and frothy, all smeared with chocolate that slipped quietly from the cake while you ate it. A brown gown will make you feel down, so take care when you eat!

Drinks: Partner in crime to food, spilling drinks is easier than spilling food, and a much more common occurrence in weddings, given how much we love to drink at celebrations!

Sand: Sure, you want that pristine picture where you’re walking barefoot on the soft sand, right into the sunset. But one misstep and you find yourself standing in mud instead of sand, the tissue-like texture of your gown’s hem starting to resemble the bark of a tree. Watch your step!

Blood and Sweat: Blood-red wine has a mind of its own, and has slithered down many a bride’s pearly apparel. Rubbing salt on the bloody wounds is the bride’s own sweat, not uncommon for beach weddings.

The best way to guard your dress against your own sweat and sweet wine is to choose the fabric wisely. Polyester is the toughest, so it’s always a good idea to opt for a mock-silk variety. Lace and silks are all the rage, but it takes time to clean them. Lace can be cleaned with a tooth brush, and while silks can be cleaned as well, they have a tendency to shrink. A trip to the dry cleaner can be avoided by pre-planning the material right.

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After the Affair

Once donned and dusted, change as soon as you possibly can into a comfortable evening dress. Place the gown someplace away from the fierce festivities of the night, and make sure to have someone wrap it nice and tight. A good tip before it is packaged as a gift for the dry cleaner’s is to let it hang in fresh air for some time. However, avoid areas near the ocean as the air is sure to be full of salt in those areas.

Find a Wedding Planner

Maui wedding planner will best guide you on how to plan for the big day, so be sure to hire a good one! You can find experienced planners by leaving Maltese Dreams a message here or drop an email at for an inquiry.

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