Choosing the Perfect Wedding Rentals: Make Your Guests Go Wow
12 Oct 2018

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Rentals: Make Your Guests Go Wow

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Rentals: Make Your Guests Go Wow

The United States witnesses some 2.4 million weddings on a yearly basis. Hawaii alone saw 10,478 weddings from 2013 to 2017, and remains a popular destination for weddings and vow renewals. Maui, Hawaii’s second largest and breathtaking island, is among one of the favorites from the destinations available for weddings along the coast.

Maui As A Popular Wedding Destination

Lovingly called Valley Isle by locals and tourists alike, Maui is a valley lush with rain forests and natural reserves, waterfalls and mountains. The landscape provides a sensational location for beach weddings, and many flock to the isle to benefit from some of the best packages being offered there.

Thinking About Wedding Rentals

No wedding takes place without the required decor, and this is where the wedding rentals come in. When people think of wedding rentals they usually think of chairs and table, flowers and maybe a photo booth. Those are the basics—and are not going to make your guests go “wow.” Unless, that is, you are creative with them.

So How Do I Make Sure My Rentals Aren’t Boring?

Making boring basics a memorable marvel isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible either. Here’s a quick guide on how to choose the perfect wedding rentals that your guests are sure to remember for a very long time to come. With our list of questions, that you need to ask yourself before deciding on the wedding rentals, you’ll have no problems!

Do My Rentals Complement My Theme?

The theme of the wedding overrides the other ingredients, because it requires everything else to complement it. If your rental looks like it would suit a vintage style wedding more than it complements your minimal and chic-themed affair, there’s a disparity that you need to take care of.

What Do I Need?

In addition to the essentials—tables and chairs, flowers and bowers, groom and doom—you’re probably going to get decorative pieces, cutlery, and fun additions. Think about the overall vibe you’re looking for and then by associating decide on the rentals. You don’t need everything—you just need the right things!

How Essential Should My Essentials Be?

beach wedding setup

As long as they serve their purpose, they’re good to go. There’s no law that dictates that you have to stick to conventions: you can be groovy and hip with your rentals as long as they’re doing their job. You could go for round tables or square ones, a few huge ones or many tiny ones, have a separate table for favors—the list of options is endless. Your wedding planner will help you maximize space and ensure that everything is in order.

Does My Linen Have To Be Dull?

Definitely not! From leathers to soft bamboo, there are many ways to add texture to your décor.

Is My Choice Of Rentals Boring?

Think and imagine how you’d like your wedding to be. Do you want to keep your guests entertained throughout? If yes, then add the most fun things you can think of: games like beer pong and cotton candy machines, and anything that is sure to engage and entertain the audience!

How Much Do I Need?

Do the calculations beforehand so that the information that you rely to your planner doesn’t have to be changed and so that everything can be planned on time.

Do I Need to Review Before Renting?

flowers on table

That’s always a good idea! Though, if the rental company is one that you trust, you don’t necessarily need to. Just ensure that all information had been relayed clearly ahead of time and you’ll be good.

Am I Missing Something?

A killer photo booth! How droll would it be if everybody dressed their best on the big day and didn’t get a chance to have great photos taken? A choice location, a winning photo booth, and a professional photographer will make your wedding remembered for years!

Ready To Find A Planner To Set Things Right?

Maui doesn’t just offer some of the best destinations for weddings in Hawaii, it also offers some of the most exciting wedding packages for soon-to-be newlyweds. Call up Maltese Dreams at 1-800-962-7622 or leave them a message here to pave the way to your dream beach wedding!

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