Dream Elopement – How to Plan Your Getaway Maui Wedding Ceremony
04 Jul 2018

Dream Elopement – How to Plan Your Getaway Maui Wedding Ceremony

Imagine this: you’re walking down the aisle on the beach in maui wedding ceremony, with only your closest friends and family playing witness to your union with the love of your life. The decorations and venue are exquisite and breathtaking, and you’re sure that your bank account isn’t the worst for wear. And the cherry on top of this perfect occasion is; you planned all this in just a few days!

Contrary to what you might believe, a dream elopement that results in the perfect getaway wedding to a gorgeous destination can happen. You just need the right guidance!

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What You Need In Maui Wedding Ceremony

  • An adventurous partner
  • A simple budget
  • List of close friends and family who are ready to party at a moment’s notice
  • A good dress
  • Contacts of a destination-local wedding planner.

What You Should Do

Let’s say for example, you’ve decided to come to Maui for your wedding.

The first thing you’ll need is a local wedding planner who’ll have connections to all the local vendors and venues. We can help in this case. Maltese Dreams is a leading wedding planning company, helping couples have the perfect maui wedding ceremony. So you won’t have a problem once you have us on the job. After that, here’s a short list of what you’ll need to do next:

– Notify Your Guests in Advance

…if you have guests! While elopements usually require only the couple in attendance, you can turn it into a small party by bringing some people along. For this though, try to have your wedding at least a few days later, rather than on the same day or next. Give your guests time to get their plans in order.

– Don’t Forget about the Legalities

Make sure you’re aware of the documents you’ll need. Bring your identity papers, passport, and other documents for registry. If you can’t find the information, get your wedding planner to help you. And don’t forget to get your marriage certificate after the wedding is done and dusted.

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– Dress the Way You Want

If you want to wear a color other than white, now’s the best time for it. Elopements give you the chance to be free with your choices. So whether you want to rock a glittery bridal jumpsuit, or a whimsical short dress, we say go for it!

– Don’t Feel Bad about it

While it’s natural to want to invite your mom’s friends, your dad’s golf buddies and your partner’s jealous ex, we recommend that you take this time to focus on yourself. Cut off anything from your wedding prep that’s just an added expense and don’t feel bad about only inviting close people to your happy event. It’s your wedding, after all.

Want More Help?

Hire Maltese Dreams and choose a package from those offered on our website. We’ll take care of everything!

Contact now to book your wedding in Maui.

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