28 Jun 2018

Saving Money on Wedding Including Maui wedding photographers – Can it be done?

Before you scoff and click away, let’s take a practical look on whether it can actually be done.

Destination weddings and Maui wedding photographers are seen as a thing of luxury so you can’t really expect to save a whole lot. After all, you’re traveling to a separate destination with your family and friends (or just your partner), you’re paying for the hotel, the venue – the works! And it’s all costing a pretty penny. However, the truth behind the gorgeous backdrops and foreign travels is that destination weddings can only be expensive if you play your cards wrong.

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How to Save Money with Destination Wedding & Maui Photographers

– Choose a Destination for its Elements

With destination weddings and Maui wedding photographers, use the local elements, local vendors and local planners. If you come to Maui, don’t think up something new or bring someone along, just so they can plan everything. Hire a local wedding planner and ask them to decide everything for you. Choose a destination that already offers everything that you need for your wedding, including the sources and the planners.

– Make it Easier

It’s much easier to fly to Maui for a beach wedding than Indonesia. Visa, travel documents, duties and taxes, all of these can add up pretty quick, not just for you but for your guests as well. Not to mention that if you choose a remote location, limited accessibility might cause even more problems. Make things easier for yourself and choose an easy-to-reach destination.

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– Pick a Venue that Doesn’t Need Tenting

Costs will add up if you have a tented event. Lighting, flooring and decoration are just a few of the things that’ll blow a hole in your budget. So try to find a venue that doesn’t require such a setup. Ask your wedding planner to choose a hotel or a beach that’s regularly used for weddings. And have an area planned ahead as a backup in case of rough weather.

– Book during Low Season

You’ll find some choice venues and the weather will be great too. Peak seasons – while useful – can also end up costing more. Book right at the end of the low-to-high season so there’s no worry about any storm threats.

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