Hidden Wedding Costs You Can Avoid With A Simple Maui Wedding
10 Apr 2018

Hidden Wedding Costs You Can Avoid With A Simple Maui Wedding

If you’re sitting there thinking about how much your wedding could cost you then you need to keep an eye out for hidden costs that vendors are inclined to sneak in. Your wedding can end up costing you much more than you’d thought.

Maui has made a reputation for being one of the most beautiful destinations for weddings and this might be the only place where you can get some of the most affordable beach wedding packages .

By having a small wedding in Maui, you can avoid the following costs:

1) Wedding Band Equipment

The cost of your wedding band will depend on the band itself AND their equipment. Yes, the band will cost a certain amount but so does all the equipment they bring along. The amount of speakers you need depend on the size of the hall you’ve booked. The larger the hall, the more speakers you’ll require. You’ll also need a microphone of good quality for a party of more people. This extra equipment can cost you several hundred dollars.

2)Overtime Fees

If your party lasts longer than scheduled, you’ll have to pay extra costs for the venue, the DJ, the band, photographer and videographer. These contractors tend to work on an hourly basis.
Most vendors charge around $250 per overtime hour but some high-end vendors will have much higher costs.

3) Taxes

You’ll have to pay some amount of tax regardless of where you get married but the amount you pay varies from state to state. Couples tend to forget that the venue they choose to be married in will also be taxed. The more you opulent your venue, the more taxes you’ll have to pay.

4) Cleanup And Breakdown Costs

In venues where you pay for just the space, you’ll be expected to pay additional cost for cleanup. Just the disposal of garbage can costs $250 while the actual cleaning can cost up to $500. To avoid such costs, read your contract carefully and discuss all costs with your vendor in advance, making sure that the price you pay includes the cost of cleaning up after the reception is over.
You can avoid all these unnecessary costs by heading down to Maui and opting for an intimate wedding. Maui is one of the hottest wedding destinations in the country. Around 15 wedding ceremonies take place in Maui everyday!

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Maltese Dreams makes it easy to get married in Maui. We provide our customers with the option of picking from our various affordable wedding packages that include all wedding essentials. In a Maui wedding you don’t need to worry about décor and hiring a florist because Maui’s natural beauty is more than enough.
Want a wedding that doesn’t break your budget? Make Maui your wedding destination!
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