6 Moments From Your Wedding You Should Have Photographed
09 Mar 2018

6 Moments From Your Wedding You Should Have Photographed

It’s almost that time where you can unite with your partner and begin a new life together. But before you say “I do”, you have to brief your photographer and give them a gist of what you want in your wedding album.

Check out these must-have photos from your wedding:

1) The bride with her bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids ease those nerves you experience before you walk out of the dressing room. They’ll zip up your dress, pin up your hair, and tell you how beautiful you look. You’ll remember these moments with them forever.

Ask your photographer to capture the hustle-bustle of the bridesmaids before you walk out to be with the love of your life.

2) The bride and her mother

A daughter’s wedding day is a big moment for a mother. Mothers tend to get emotional as they see their daughter get all dressed up. They usually help the bride out with last minute details and may give her a final talk before she heads out. These tender mother-daughter moments should be definitely be photographed.

3) Groom getting ready with his groomsmen

Weddings aren’t just about brides, the groom experiences all the same feelings as brides. Getting married is a big step for him too. Just as the bride is surrounded by her bridesmaids as she gets dressed, the groom has his groomsmen around him too.

4) When the father first sees the daughter

If the bride is being given away by her father, take a photo of when he first sees his daughter all dressed. Fathers are always emotional about their daughter’s wedding but it only really hits them when they see her all dressed up.

5) At the altar

Those few minutes you stand opposite your loved one, looking into each other’s eyes, ready to start a new life together absolutely have to be captured in a photograph. It’s at this moment, where all your beaming at you, wishing you all the happiness in the world.

couple wedding

6) After “I do”

You made it! Congratulations! Brides and grooms are most happy after “I do”; these joyous moments are photography gold. You’re going to want to revisit this time for many years to come!

couple married

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Josie Maltese