Reasons Why Maui Should Be Top On Your Destination Wedding List
07 Mar 2018

Reasons Why Maui Should Be Top On Your Destination Wedding List

Did you know that around 6,000 weddings take place in Maui every year? That means 15–20 weddings take place in Maui at any given time. So what is about Maui that makes it such a popular wedding destination?

· It’s immaculate scenery

You can turn your camera in any direction in Maui and capture breathtaking photos, Maui is just that beautiful. Everyone expects their wedding day to be magical and Maui offers some of the world’s most magnificent locations. 

Maui does have churches, sugar plantations and other locations that make excellent backdrops for weddings but for a true Maui wedding experience, having your wedding outdoors is the way to go! The most exquisite wedding decor cannot compare to the natural beauty of Maui.

· It’s relaxing for everyone!

The sun, the sand, THE VIEW! Planning for a wedding gets overwhelming for the bride and groom-to-be but the moment the Maui breeze blows through your hair, feel it take all your worries with it. Maui has a way of revitalizing your senses and re-energizing your spirit.

Most couples and guests tend to come to Maui a few days prior to the wedding in order to let loose and relax.


· It cuts costs

Not everyone is going to be able to make it to your destination wedding in Maui, it’s the quickest way to trim your guest list and save some money.

Usually the venue takes up a huge chunk of your budget but when you have an outdoors wedding, you don’t have to spend on the venue at all. You can set up chairs and an altar on any beach in Maui and have a picturesque wedding without spending a dime on the venue.

· It’s easy

Getting married is harder in some states than others. Because the Maui economy is so dependent on weddings, the government makes it really easy to get married. The paperwork is limited and the permits are very easy to get.

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Josie Maltese