What to Expect from Maltese Dreams – A Customer’s Perspective
01 Feb 2018

What to Expect from Maltese Dreams – A Customer’s Perspective

Planning a destination wedding is not for the faint-hearted.

With thousands of details to look after, it can become challenging very quickly if you don’t have the proper guidance and backup to pull you through the planning phase.

For those already burdened with the task, there is help available. A professional wedding planner can make the task considerably easier, taking on all important responsibilities.

And as a professional wedding planning service in Maui, we thought it only fitting to show you how Maltese Dreams works with our clients. We decided to ask some of our happy couples what they liked most about our services. Here are their reviews.

Gary and Debbie – Married on 08/31/2015

…I knew I wanted a beach sunset wedding and had to plan it all in less than 2 months. I was so fortunate that I hired Josie. She took care of everything. She hired the minister, videographer, and made all the plans for a perfect sunset beach wedding… Josie has years of experience and it shows. One of the reasons we choose her was because of her extensive wedding photography experience, along with her connections on being on the island for 30 years…. She was the reason our wedding was a success…

We Go Above and Beyond to Offer Our Clients what they need

Even though we didn’t have as much time as we needed, we still pulled through for the Gary-Debbie wedding. Because of the distance, we knew that our clients were a bit worried about getting everything done so we took those responsibilities from them.

Destination wedding planning requires on-location guidance, just like wedding planning at home. And we did all we could to make sure that the evening would go perfectly.

Mark and Mary – Married on 03/07/2016

…After searching all the reviews for the different wedding planners on Maui, we decided to use “Maltese Dreams Maui Weddings & Photography”… Josie Maltese was excellent. She made terrific recommendations, coordinated everything for us and everything went better than we had dreamed. We could not have picked a better wedding planner that was easy to work with and worked within our budget! Josie is also a professional photographer and the pictures she took were amazing…

We Maintain Proper Communication and Coordinate Everything with Our Clients

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. And with a destination wedding, we make sure to get our client’s stamp of approval on everything before finalizing the details. Communication is the key for successful wedding planning. By keeping our clients in the loop and getting as much feedback as possible, we’re able to sway them away from their concerns about destination wedding planning, and are able to show them that nothing is being planned without their consent.

Leigh and Hannah – Married on 09/05/2017

…chose Josie at Maltese Dreams for our vow renewal ceremony. She was very helpful as we planned by email because I live in Australia. She is easy to work with and made the event very special. We had a Hawaiian minister which she arranged for us… it was a very simple and small ceremony, just the 2 of us… I would highly recommend her services for any type of service you are planning…

We Keep Your Wishes in Mind While Planning a Dream Event

And by doing so, we take your budget way down as well. For simpler weddings or vow renewal ceremonies, we try our best to create a beautiful event, one that encompasses the beauty of Maui but we do so within the limit set for us. Even then, we use our surroundings and backdrop to make sure that our clients have a memorable event, arranged to their satisfaction.

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