How to Have an Affordable Dream Wedding in Maui
31 Jan 2018

How to Have an Affordable Dream Wedding in Maui

You’ve finally convinced your soon-to-be other half for a destination wedding in Maui and you could not be more excited.

Everything is going according to plan, you’ve already worked out a guest list and you’ve researched a lot about Maui. Now all you need to do is set a budget, which is the hard part.

Don’t worry though! Maltese Dreams offers some useful tips so you can afford a perfect wedding in Maui, and have some money left over to splurge on your honeymoon!

Travel during Off-Peak Periods

Peak season destination weddings cost more in terms of airfare, accommodation, vendors and catering etc. Rather than going during vacation time, visit Maui when the island hosts less people i.e. during May and June, late September to mid-November and in December all the way to the Christmas holiday season.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Book a Resort

Once you’ve decided on a wedding month, start calling resorts and hotels straightaway and book a free spot ASAP. You can never be sure about reservations, especially since you’re having your wedding at a popular destination. By booking early, you might even get the chance to benefit from discounts and off-peak rates.

Make Sure the Important Guests can Attend

While you might want your whole guest list to make it for your happy day, chances are that some people may not be able to attend. Finalize your guest list before making your final bookings for hotel rooms; catering etc otherwise you might end up paying extra for empty seats.

Select a Location and Time of Day

You’ll find plenty of gorgeous locations in Maui for your dream wedding, and fortunately you’ll be able to use them for a morning or evening ceremony as well. Just be sure to have all the permits at hand, although that’s something your wedding planner will take care of.

Bonus: if you can, plan a morning ceremony if you want to cut down on paying extra for the event.

Hire a Professional Wedding Planner

Rather than planning everything yourself, take the safer option and hire a wedding planner to do everything for you. Local wedding planners have connections with vendors and insight on resorts and venues which can come in handy, especially since you’ll be on a budget.

Hire Maltese Dreams to Plan Your Wedding!

Maltese Dreams offers a selection of affordable Maui wedding packages so couples can have the wedding they always dreamt of, without worrying about their wallets.

Call 808-264-3151 and hire Maltese Dreams to plan your Maui wedding.

Josie Maltese