Wedding Turn-Offs – Secrets Your Wedding Planner Wants You to Know
27 Oct 2017

Wedding Turn-Offs – Secrets Your Wedding Planner Wants You to Know

Heard of the term bridezilla?

There have been movies about them, books about and horrid tales about them. But ask any professional wedding planner and you would know that an insecure bride is the least of your worries when it comes to wedding planning.

Wedding planners keep track of a lot of things to ensure that the wedding goes as planned. So it usually is best to trust their opinion on things that matter the most.

Nevertheless, there are still some secrets that we wish our clients knew, so our planning would go as smoothly as possible.

What Clients Should Know About their Wedding Planner

There are always Secrets

You’ve heard about the chaos backstage when it comes to events and shows? It’s the same with weddings. A lot can happen from day one to the wedding day. The venue can get rained out; the favors can be of the wrong color, the cake of the wrong flavor. Keeping all of it a secret and coming up with plan B is what wedding planners are trained for.

We Can Offer Better Results, even If You’ve Planned Your Wedding

You may have a binder full of ideas and vendors, but it’s usually the locals who know the best sources for favors and decorations for your wedding. Remember, when signing a contract for a package, you sign up for the vendors as well. Take advantage of that.

Flowers are Expensive

Prices for flowers depend on a lot of factors, especially if you want the exotic kind. These living things of fragrant decoration are probably flown in from around the world. Calculate the jet fuel costs, weather and other factors and you will need to pay a bit extra to make sure you get the real deal.

Wedding Details Often make Great Heirlooms

For example, with our Royal Maui Fantasy package, couples get engraved wedding glasses as well, along with numerous other services, something which many clients value.

It pays to be Flexible

Your wedding planner will try their hardest to give you a beautiful and memorable wedding. But remember that there are some things that may be out of their control (for example, not being able to get tulips for a September wedding). Be flexible about details.

Planners Don’t Enjoy the Party

Wedding planners are on the clock when it comes to weddings and receptions. While you rest, it’s up to us to make sure that everything goes without any interruptions. This doesn’t mean that we don’t value those moments when you ask us to sit with you at a table during reception. But we’d rather just make sure that you’re happy and well-fed.

Hair and Makeup Take Longer, so Plan Accordingly

Even if you have a professional at hand, it still takes an hour for the bride to look perfect. Always add time for hair and makeup when you plan your schedule for the wedding day. There’s nothing worse than a hurried wedding photoshoot because it took too long to prepare.

Why Hiring a Pro is Important

Weddings are hard enough to plan. And when you have a destination wedding, it can be even more overwhelming.

As a wedding coordinator in Maui, I offer affordable wedding packages and services so you can have a dream wedding in Maui, minus the stress. Use my guidance, and let me plan your special day the way you’ve always wanted!

Josie Maltese