A Bride’s Perspective on Destination Weddings
25 Oct 2017

A Bride’s Perspective on Destination Weddings

As a bride who had plenty of time to decide between ivory or white, roses or tulips, casual or formal; I thought it would take a lo t less time to bring everything to order. Thankfully, I had my wedding planner to keep me sane.

With destination wedding planning, you need to have a cool head, knowledge of your budget and a voice of reason to guide you. For me, that last one was my wedding planner, Josie Maltese.

And while I may have read my fair share of articles on common topics like planning the wedding, getting my guests here, talking to vendors etc., there was a lot more that I learned only after getting some hands-on experience.

Things I Learned Planning my Destination Wedding

Destination Weddings Show You Your True Friends

You learn a lot about those you love when you plan a destination wedding.

A supposed close friend might come up with the vaguest excuse to not come to the wedding. While a friend from times passed would offer their services and resources to help you. It’s that kind of occasion.

Take advantage of this, and only spend your money for those who you value i.e. party favors etc.

Don’t be Overwhelmed by Stress

Even if your wedding coordinator is planning everything for you, you will feel a bit stressed. Acknowledge it, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Instead, think of your wedding as any other event. Be ruthless with your decisions. If an added service is costing too much, ask yourself this question three times, do I really need it?

If you do, scour your wedding details list for a detail you can forego. Remember; taking out the dove-releasing ceremony won’t make your wedding any less romantic.

Choose an On-Location Wedding Planner

I went with Maltese Dreams, a known wedding planner for Maui weddings. My reason was simple.

Bringing in a destination wedding planner from home would mean paying for their travels and lodging on top of their fees. I would also not know if the vendors they choose are right for the job. With a local wedding planner from Maui, I had someone who knew the destination in-and-out, and had the best recommendations for vendors as well.


 I thankfully did not have an unfortunate experience with the wedding package I got since my planner was quite thorough in explaining all details on the destination wedding packages in Maui to me. But as a precaution, know all the details of your package before signing. Some packages can be very cookie-cutter type, so people often skim the contract before signing.

Remember that there are several components to your wedding – where you stay, where the ceremony takes place, the minister and witnesses, beach permit, photographer etc. – which you must focus on. Don’t assume that these details will be added in the package you get.

Deal with Customs, Shopping and the Dress LONG before You’re Due to Fly

Shipping and custom restrictions cause unnecessary problems. In some cases, certain items such as wedding favors or such may not be allowed as extra baggage. As for shipping, weather or other external factors may cause a delay in delivery. Or your package might go missing altogether. And you don’t want that happening for your wedding.

Be prepared to pay for baggage fees or distribute your items amongst your guests to make it easier. And remember to bring your wedding dress with you as a carry-on. Bags can get misplaced. And you don’t need such a thing to happen if that certain bag contains your dress.


Getting married in Maui, Hawaii was a dream come true because I had the right assistance.

Follow my instructions. Get one of the best wedding coordinators in Maui for your wedding, and make smart choices. In the end, you’ll have a stress-free wedding and more money left over to spend on your honeymoon!

Josie Maltese