Choosing A Wedding Photography Style That Matches You
12 Jul 2017

Choosing A Wedding Photography Style That Matches You

Picking a photography style for your wedding is no different from picking the color palette or the floral arrangement. Like all the major elements of a wedding ceremony, the theme of your photographs is a display of your personal style.

Although photographers have their own style trademark when it comes to taking the shots at a wedding, you can ask for features and looks you want.

Digital vs. Film

Before you go on to picking a “vibe” for your photographs, decide between the digital and film technique. Though digital is for the common choice, some people still go for film for a traditional feel in their wedding photography.

Given the efficiency and cost effectiveness of digital photography, this capture technique is a better choice. Quality is not a problem; digital cameras contain a number of gizmos for any kind of theme.

Moving on to the styles of photography for your wedding:

1. Classic

Like those old-timey shots with open garden doors, carved furniture and window frames, and sepia tones in your grandparents’ wedding photos, a classic style is, well, a classic. This style is traditional yet still unique twist to capturing an event, a harmonious moment in your life represented within a serene setting with an ode to the past.  

2. Candid

Of course, when revisiting your wedding pictures you do not just watch to appreciate the art of it, but the emotion in that moment. Candid photography captures those intimate and sweet moments with your family perfectly. A hug by an elder relative, a smile of a younger audience member, or a teary-eyed glance exchanged with your spouse during an emotional toast – all captured by a lens, to be preserved forever.

3. Artistic

Not all wedding photographs involve face-forward shots. Some of these shots focus more on the surrounding elements with you as a centerpiece. For example, a focused visual of trees and skies in a garden wedding, or the shore and sunset in a beach wedding.

4. Dramatic

Though less preferred in wedding photographs, some couples still opt for dramatic shots for an unconventional flair. The off-camera flashes, silhouettes of the couple posed in a sweet manner is great way to enhance the setting of your wedding venue.

Regardless of which photography style you choose, what really matters is the expertise of the photographer. A photographer with an eye for particularities of the theme you want in your wedding album will give you the best results.

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Josie Maltese