How To Have An Adventurous Honeymoon In Maui – Wanderlust Edition
10 Jul 2017

How To Have An Adventurous Honeymoon In Maui – Wanderlust Edition

Looking forward to tying the knot in the delightful sun-lit locality of Maui? The Hawaiian island is an amazing place to have a matrimonial ceremony, and an even more glorious place to have some adventures once you both mark a new chapter of your lives.

This region has everything to delight nature lover’s heart: beautiful beaches, gorgeous sunsets, and open scenic areas for hiking or biking. Though the locality has much to offer to a newly married couple, there are a few things no honeymooner should miss out on:

Experience The Sunrise At the Haleakala Crater

Amongst the stunning spots in Maui is Haleakala Crater, a 10,000 ft volcano dating back 200 years, now dormant. If you want a unique experience of visiting this wonder, take an early trip to reach there before dawn. The myriad of brilliant colors that rise over this gorgeous cater during sunrise are an impressive sight, not to mention the elements of a romantic place!

A Heavenly Journey Along The Hana Highway

If you want an adventure that has a mix of high waterfalls, enormous archways, rocky beaches, and other natural wonders, then a drive to Hana is your answer. Rent a car or hire a driver to for a trip down to the Hana village, and stop by all the scenic beauties along the way. You can even stop for a swim in the river beneath the cascading waterfalls erupting from the mountains along the Hana Highway.

Snorkeling/ Scuba Diving Trip To Molokini

A day together exploring the natural views under the sea is highly recommended for any couple honeymooning in Maui. Swim with the frolicking underwater residents of the Pacific at Molokini, where snorkelers and scuba divers can view nearly 400 species of common and exotic fish, including the beautifully colored parrot fish, unique eels, and maybe even a 3-foot long reef shark!

Take A Sunset Cruise

Nothing squeals out romance like a sunset cruise! Book a private sailboat, or go along a dinner cruise with lively music out on warm shores of the Pacific at sunset. Watch the warm hues of the setting sun reflect off the ocean, as this little journey instills a feeling of togetherness in you and your loved one, and makes one enchanting experience.

The honeymoon will be a wonderful time for you and your significant other’s lives, an opportunity to make some unique memories before to go back to the normality of your daily lives.

Of course, a great honeymoon calls for a great wedding beforehand. If you want to enjoy breathtaking views complete with all the arrangements in your wedding on the Maui beach, reach out to us at Maltese Dreams today!  

Josie Maltese