Writing Your Own Vows For Your Vow Renewal Ceremony – How to Get Started!
01 May 2017

Writing Your Own Vows For Your Vow Renewal Ceremony – How to Get Started!

Sweaty palms, blank mind and a piece of paper, words riddled with pencil scratches—writing your vows the first time around was tough, to say the least.

Imagine the pressure of writing them again!

First, decide if you are going to say the same vows or write different vows for each other…

Writing Vows Together

You will need to sit together to write your custom renewal vows.

  • Schedule a couple hours of private time in the day
  • Do a basic search on Google, look at different vow renewal samples
  • Go to separate rooms with a notepad and pen. Spend 30–40 minutes writing down ideas
  • Either switch papers with each other or read your notes and letters aloud
  • Discuss the parts that you both liked the best. Select them for the final version   

Helpful Note: Since these are wedding renewal vows, you can take liberty with the content if you wish.

Sample Vow

It has been 25 years. It seems like a lifetime has passed since we first embarked on this journey of love and commitment. There were times when we stumbled and came across rough, un-mended roads. We went on, leaving a trail of unwavering trust and friendship. We built a home – where compassion and respect for each other flows free. Even today, we honor each other and will continue to do so till death do us part. We pledge this to each other, as loving friends and partners in marriage to cherish and respect the other’s uniqueness. We pledge to stay together through whatever life throws our way – be it sorrow or joy. May our home that we built together so lovingly be filled forever with peace, love, laughter and happiness!    

Writing Vows Separately

Try the following if writing renewal vows individually.

  • Set ground rules for the vows. They can address the length of your vows (e.g. 2 paragraphs of 3-5 sentences), the tone, any words or catch phrases that signify your bond
  • Discuss ideas with your officiant. Ask for suggestions if a close friend or relative is officiating the ceremony

Sample Vow

I stand here, before these people to declare that I still love you, even after so many years have passed between now and then. You are my best friend, my partner in crime, my steady rock – and I am thankful every day for this blessing. Today I recommit myself, to you and our marriage. I promise to be there when you wish to become your own person, to encourage and inspire you. I stand here today besides you – renewing my vow. I will be there, to comfort you in sorrow and to laugh with you in happiness…these things and more, I give to you today and for the rest of our life.

Remember; you don’t really have to come up with new wedding vows for the ceremony. You can always copy your original vows line by line, add in some new sentiments and share with the love of your life!

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Josie Maltese