A Short and Snappy Guide to Planning Your Wedding Vow Renewal (Part 2)
24 Feb 2017

A Short and Snappy Guide to Planning Your Wedding Vow Renewal (Part 2)

Continuing from our last blog, here are some details on planning a wedding vow renewal ceremony.

How to Plan a Successful Ceremony

Wedding Party

You won’t need to have attendants for a vow renewal ceremony. But if you want to keep it formal, invite your original groomsmen and bridesmaids to stand in.

Ask them to bring their children (or grandchildren). With their help, perhaps you may have someone perform a reading or stand in at your wedding for other tasks. Just don’t ask them to wear their original outfits.

Walk Down the Aisle

There’s no hard and fast rule for this one. But you can ask your children or your best friend to escort you. If not, you can walk down the aisle with each other.

Ceremony Details


If you’re having trouble with your vows, go old-school and read your original wedding vows. But if you want to put in the effort, do a small exercise.

Recall everything that happened when you first got married. Include incidents from that time into your speech. Add any ideas that you wish you could have added to that ceremony and talk about all that you’ve accomplished over the years in your personal life. Give each other the credit of making your lives better as the years went by and talk about how you really feel about your relationship.

Ring Exchange

Usually, couples have the date of your vow renewal or a meaningful quote engraved on their original ring, which is what they exchange after the vows. However, you can purchase new rings or upgrade them if you want to.

Smaller Details

Have your close relatives or special friends do readings. Keep it lighthearted and allow them to use their creativity. Also, have meaningful music playing in the background as you walk down the aisle. Do everything you wanted to do in your wedding ceremony!


Now that the vows are taken care of, it’s time to party! Your party can be any style you’d like; from the large wedding-style reception to a small and intimate family dinner.

You can have cake, dancing, champagne—and any other thing that you couldn’t have before.

Give a toast to your friends, old and new, and thank them for their friendship and love. And be sure to hire a professional photographer, or at least keep a lot of portable cameras with you so you have lots of mementos of the event.

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Josie Maltese