A Short and Snappy Guide to Planning Your Vow Renewal (Part I)
21 Feb 2017

A Short and Snappy Guide to Planning Your Vow Renewal (Part I)

Your fondest memory is that of the huge smile your beloved had when they realized they were going to marry you.

It is that moment when you realized that you would do anything to protect and cherish the one you loved.

But with so many years gone by, wouldn’t it be nice if you did something to bring in that same passion?

If you agree, Maltese Dreams has all the information you need to guide you through this romantic journey!

How to Plan a Successful Vow Renewal Ceremony

Firstly, understand that there is no “right time” for vow renewal. You could be together for 5 years, 10 years or 50 years; you have every right to reaffirm your relationship.

Now with that out of the way, here are some details that will help you organize this happy event.


Mostly, couples themselves or their children host the event. However, you can go a different way and have the original best man and the maid of honor host the event instead. This can be especially helpful if you’re choosing to only have close friends and family around during the celebration.


Your choice! It could be place of worship, in your backyard, or on a cruise. But if you’ve hired Maltese Dreams for your vow renewal ceremony, you will be having your wedding at the beach with the ocean as your backdrop, which is an equally exciting venue.


Vow renewals aren’t legally binding ceremonies (since you’re both already married). So virtually, anyone can be an officiant at your ceremony; a close friend or relative, your children or a clergyperson. Maltese Dreams offers the services of minister to perform the ceremony though, so you won’t have an issue with that.

Guest List

A vow renewal ceremony is all about you, invite whoever you want!

Mostly, couples invite close friends and family that they’ve known for years. Nevertheless, if you weren’t able to throw a large wedding all those years ago, you can use this event and opt for a big bash!


This is the moment to dress up. If you’re the bride, you can wear your original wedding dress. Or you could choose another dress or even a nice suit, depending on your taste and the theme of the occasion. Also, wear a hat or flowers in your hair; skip the veil if you want.

If you’re the groom, wear the original tuxedo. Or go all out and choose a sharp suit or another ensemble for this celebration. Wear a boutonniere in your lapel and add a piece of jewelry your other half gave you.

Want to Learn More?

This is just the beginning! If you’d like to know more on vow renewal ceremonies from professional wedding coordinators, stay tuned to our blog!

Josie Maltese